Instructional Videos

Lighting Pilots

How to Light the Pilot with a Direct Spark Ignition System

Proflame Remote Operation On Regency Gas Fireplaces

Regency Surefire Ignition System

Lighting a Wood Fire in a Ri50 Wood Fireplace

How to Light the Pilot with a Piezo Igniter

How to Light & Maintain a Wood Stove Fire

Regency Firegenie Remote Control Operation

Cleaning and Maintenance

Replace the Batteries in the Receiver on Regency LRI or HRI Gas Inserts with Vignette Faceplate

Cleaning Glass on Wood Fireplace Inserts

Maintaining the Glass and Steel of a Gas Fireplace

How to Clean the Glass on Regency CE Series Clean Face Gas Fireplaces

How to Replace the Batteries in a
Regency Proflame 1 Remote Control

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Wood Stove

Cleaning Glass on Wood Burning Stoves

Cleaning the Glass On Fireplaces with Louvers